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The dBs Manchester student guide

Find out more about student life, our specialist sound and gaming courses, the story of NEW CENTURY, and our plans for the next chapter.

A deep dive into New Century

Learn about the history behind our iconic home, and what to expect from our state-of-the-art facilities, opening for the first time this September.


Detailed course information


An innovative, industry-focused degree that explores the skills needed to create, produce and perform high-quality electronic music. At its core, this Electronic Music Production degree covers both essential and advanced composition and production techniques. During the three years, you will explore new and exciting methods of sound creation and manipulation using industry-standard software, such as Ableton and Logic Pro.


This Music Production and Sound Engineering degree is aimed primarily at people who see themselves as producers or engineers and want to focus on studio-based production.

During the course you will gain a deep understanding of working in a studio environment, including listening skills, mixing and remixing, mastering, acoustics, psychoacoustics, music technology and much more, providing you with an advanced skill set in recording and music production techniques.


Our exciting Live Sound degree is highly practical, gear heavy, packed full of industry connections/opportunities and will give you the skills needed to progress onto a successful career. We’ll teach you current mixing technologies, acoustics, modern speaker systems, sound system optimisation techniques, analogue and digital live sound production, while elevating your listening skills and honing your professional practice.


This exciting degree course spans not only musical areas such as traditional music production and contemporary electronic music creation but also delves into sound design, live performance and music for media. This broad but thorough course will allow you to develop modern skills in all areas of music and audio technology, with the option to specialise in an area of your choice in the second year.


Become a gameplay programmer who implements and tests the core mechanics of the game and evaluates how players interact with them. This exciting degree explores the fundamentals of game development and programming, giving you the skills needed to operate as a programmer in multidisciplinary teams that produce vibrant and innovative games.


This degree explores the fundamentals of game art and development including character, concept and environment art, 3D modelling and sculpting, as well as what is needed to make a game, development roles, asset creation and pipelines and how to pitch game ideas. The creative digital industries are crying out for versatile professionals with transferable technical and creative skills who can meet the challenges of this fast developing sector and this course will thoroughly prepare you for this.


Establish yourself as a music production and sound engineering specialist with this multi-dimensional, professionally-targeted, postgraduate course.

This course caters for a wide audience, including recent graduates from music production and technology bachelor’s degrees, those in the early stages of their careers in music production and sound engineering (with suitable experience) and those who wish to develop and diversify their professional skill-set from other areas of the sound and music industry.


Push your electronic music production to a professional level with this flexible, industry-focussed, postgraduate course.

Develop skills to drive your productivity and output, whilst building a framework for your career as a modern electronic producer. You will also become a master of key industry-relevant tools, ensuring that you are able to work across multiple platforms and support yourself through a diverse array of bespoke audio work.


What our students say about studying at dBs

The lecturers we have at dBs are really, really good. They take time to listen to you and because it's much smaller courses at dBs than a large-scale university, it's much more personal. We know our lecturers, we work with our lecturers. It's really nice to know that once we're in the industry and we bump into Chitson or Fiona, they're not going to be clueless as to who you are.

dBs definitely helped me by really encouraging me to experiment, which I’d never even thought about before joining. That sounds silly, but I’ve always been really classically trained, very conservative and traditional. Then I came to dBs and they really pushed for me to do crazy stuff, to have fun and experiment.

I think it’s amazing that dBs can provide these sorts of opportunities. Having worked on this project, as well as one for the BBC New Creatives initiative, and having an institution that actively seeks out these opportunities, it’s honestly amazing.

Meet our tutors

Our courses are taught by some of the most passionate, exciting and experienced people the audio and gaming industry has to offer.

Allow us to introduce you…

Programme Leader on Electronic Music Production

Adrian Stretch

Get to know Adrian, an electronic music expert and stalwart of the UK rave and jungle scene.

Programme Leader on Live Sound

Tom Chitson

Meet Tom, a bass-lover and mountain biker who’s sound engineered in some of the best clubs in the world.

Programme Leader on Sound Design

Jasz Pike

Get acquainted with Jasz, a sound design specialist who’s passionate about creating meaningful, interactive experiences.

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